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Affordable Care Act

Health Insurance

When an Enrollee's authorized hours are 60 or more each pay period, the Enrollee is eligible for the NOWCC ACES Program Group Health Insurance Plan. The NOWCC benefits administrator will provide information about the plan's options.

After enrolling, the insurance company will send you an information packet containing your ID card.


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) provides you the right to continue group health and dental care benefits when you become ineligible (i.e., separation or hours reduced to less than 60 per pay period) for coverage under the NOWCC ACES Program's group health plan.

The NOWCC ACES Program will send you a packet containing information on how to elect continuation of coverage and the costs involved. You should receive this within fourteen (14) days after your date of ineligibility. If you do not, notify your NOWCC Recruiter/Program Specialist.